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Therapies R Us is using a multi-modality with holistic approach for health, wellness & special needs.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011



My Name is Ms Yonie Bonawi (閲淣). I'm passionate to help babies,children & adults facing challenges in their health & wellness.To be able to contribute in making a difference in their life is my ultimate goal!

I do my best to treat each individual what they need base on holistic approached.Each individuals are different, like a jig saw puzzles. Having many tools in my toolbox have equip me to be able to use them synergistically. I love doing this work cause its non invasive and safe.

Do add me in Facebook to get many more updates information (on classes and testimonials) as I hardly have time now to update here. To find out more on the techniques I use, do click on each of the links above. 

If you have any questions or in need for advice on kids with special needs or any health issues do drop me a note via email.To be a parent & a certified alternative therapist I may help you in both views! I do my best to share my experiences and knowledge. 

Devine Luv, peace & light
Yonie Bonawi 閲淣

My teacher,daughter & inspiration, Edura Arif (ASD)


  1. Sharon So Jueng Lee - Congrats Yonie! You already made a difference in our life and I'm sure you'll continue to do so for many others. Wish u all the Best!

  2. Diana Djangmah - Yonie I believe it is a right choice Ure very good at what Ur doing, Ure mature, Uve got talent and the skill which is a very unique combination Good luck!

  3. Vincent : YUP , yr magic fingers are *good* , it make me ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz better now =)